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Assist in building a sustainable group of Map Kibera. Facilitate opportunities for further activities in Kibera, Nairobi and Kenya.

Map Kibera Mission Statement


  • Mapping group take on an active role in Outreach, to broadcast progress in the map, and identify uses & partnerships.

Mapper Role

Add ToR for Mappers

  • active participation in meetings ... everyone should say something

Organizational Structure

  • Simple agendas, with ending open space for discussion
  • Simple minutes kept on each meeting
  • Review sessions have coordinators propose problems rather than impose solutions



  • Move from Vision -> Group -> Plan
  • Choose Kind of Group? NBO, CBO, Society, Trust
  • Financial organization
  • Activities: Mapping. Advocacy (Kibera, outside), networking, communications
  • Have series of planning sessions w/ SODNET
  • work closely with and support KCODA in their formation of the Digital Village

Project Components

Core Activities

  • Organizational Support -- nature of group registration, with monthly group self-evaluations led by sodnet
  • Poster & Atlas Printing
  • Live satellite acquisition over Kibera w/ AI, likely post-June
  • Mapping in other slum areas of Nairobi
  • Mapping in a rural area of Kenya, Mwatate
  • Media events

Past activities

  • Movirtu: Helped organized user testing. Mapping activity on hold. Mappers received 10k KSh in direct fees, 4 kSh being held in reserve.

Related Activities


  • Mappers have authorization letters and badges
  • Training on use of forms for health reporting
  • Training on how to incorporate photos and video
  • Perhaps a test to measure competency with mapping
  • Signed ToR with each mappers
  • curriculum and test for mappers to get certified
  • need to focus on accuracy
  • structure as teams for expansion/shedding
  • design orientation to bring on new people


Map Kibera Mappers

Organizational Working Group


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