Map Kibera works with a refined and impact-oriented methodology and theory of change in the Kenyan context. The objective of the organization is to use information to support community goals in our locations of operation. This means having a clear outline of how this will happen.

Improving and Advancing our core work in Nairobi’s slums

Serving marginalized communities as a local information and media source, on an ongoing basis. Amplifying the voices of the community.

This is part of Map Kibera Trust’s process and service since our start in 2009, and what we are best known and relied upon for.

Impact and Advocacy: The Engagement Model

Building on our core work to generate specific local impact in Nairobi and deepen engagement. Issue-focused advocacy using multiple types of information and technologies. Forming local networks, building relationships among disparate groups within and across the slums.

Step One: Initial Mobilization

Step Two: Using our Tools. Collection and development of materials, analysis.

Step Three: Reporting back to the Community and developing action plans

Step Four: Lobbying and Advocacy

Step Five: Negotiation: between consortium and government representatives.