Map Kibera Trust’s mission is to increase influence and representation of marginalized communities through the creative use of digital tools for action. Since 2009, when we launched our work by empowering youth residents of the Kibera community to create the first digital map of Kibera, Map Kibera Trust has continued efforts to transform a marginalized settlement which was previously a blank spot on the map into an increasingly visible and vibrant community. Now a full citizen information and media project, we use tools like mapping, SMS, blogging and video.

Following a successful take-off in Kibera, Map Kibera Trust has since replicated its model in Mathare and Mukuru slums of Nairobi.

Map Kibera has become one of the few remarkable examples of how technology and new media has been successfully harnessed to foster visibility of marginalized communities and promote citizen journalism platforms to residents to share their own stories with the world.

We're working for a world in which all people have equal ability to create and share information to influence their future. Practically speaking, we're building a culture where digital story-telling, open data and geographic information lead to greater influence and representation for marginalized communities, especially in Kibera, Nairobi, and Kenya.