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  • Oct 9 AfricaGathering Conference in UK
  • Oct 14 CrisisMapping Conference in Cleveland
  • Jubal traveling to region starting in October
  • Oct 21 Mikel arrives Nairobi
  • Oct 26 AfricaGIS
  • Oct 28 ActionAid Workshop
  • Oct 30 WhereKampala
  • Nov 2 Begin Remote Mapping
  • Monday Nov 9 Start Kibera
  • Possible early completion and move to other areas
  • Nov ? Satellite flyover of Kibera !
  • Nov 14(?) Orgazinational Outreach Workshop/Symposium
  • Nov 21 Finish
  • Nov 25-27 AFRICOMM 2009, Mozambique
  • Dec 20 Mikel leaves Nairobi

more solid estimate on time required for this size area (2-2.3 sq km, 13 villages) need leads on other areas to map .. Mukuru, Mathare



Details on who's volunteering and how to find more good folks

Participants Volunteers


Venue in Kibera for kickoff

Computer Lab Space in/near Kibera

Need to secure a computer lab space, very near to Kibera.

This should have...

  • reliable internet * power
  • 6-12 spots open for us every afternoon
  • exact days To Be Determined .. but some good portion of the days from Nov 1 - 21.
  • Printer/Scanner? (if not, ok, we will buy them)

Cyber Cafe at Hurlingham,Arwings Kodhek Rd,NYAKU House.The cyber is part of Kent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.I met Dr.Nyaga,the proprietor who has offered us the opportunity.The place is very secure and has reliable power and internet.They use Microsoft XP for their OS.I totally fell in love with the place!They would offer us up to 10 computers which also have Skype! dr.Nyaga agreed we could install the mapping Software.he asked me for the specifics of the size of the software and other specifics that may help him plan in avance.

Dr.Nyaga,after much negotiations,has agred we could use our printer from the premises,though he'll have to know the number of paers we are likely to print in a day.Could you help me with this info please?With this I will be able to get the final costing of hiring and using the facilities.we will be required to pay for this upfront. You could reach Dr.Nyaga on


SODNET offices


Dove's Touch Company owned by Tonny and Terry Gobanga

We could have amazing meals/lunches at a cost of KES 250 per person,per day, for the next 3 weeks,working with 6 days with an average of 25 people,or otherwise.I am still waiting for response in regards to this aspect.

We also ned to budget for water,about 50 litres of mineral water per week should be good! Grange Park Water goes for KES 1200 for 50 litres.that should work for us. Tonny and Terry could be reached on: or


Do we need permission to operate this project in Kibera from local wardens/village chiefs? Can we possibly get help from University on this?

Nairobi area base of operations/housing


  • GPS
  • computers/(ruggedized) laptops. for editing and possible local install
  • printer/scanner(s)
  • Backup Power?
  • 3G modems (about 4000 /= each) ($50)
  • cameras (for photo mapping?)
  • walkie talkies
  • surge protectors
  • convertors


Software Needs

Existing Data

Data Sources

International Facilitators Needs

Need housing/office space in Nairobi for November/December

Something west of downtown, Kilimani, Kileleshwa, etc.

  • afromusing: hi, there is a nice clean space in Kileleshwa, i stayed there in August. Call 0725259752 - Eva - 'Classic Guest House'


  • visit travel clinic. malaria treatment?
  • cipro

Local Financial Agent


Printing Maps in Nairobi

Printing Map Kibera stickers


Media Strategy

Outreach and Sustainability

Mapping Users Needs

  • Needs assessment for mapping features
  • Data users
  • Promotion in media, among data users
  • Technical and community support for ongoing mapping
  • Organization(s) to continue mapping, and generate projects based on Kibera Maps
  • TacticalTech for input/support?

Outreach Events

Org and geek events: Outreach Events

Outreach Tools

  • NYPL historic map archive platform (for collections of old paper maps of Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya, etc)
  • GeoCommons

Contacts, Allies, Partners

Contacts Allies Partners


$15k + 10 possible

  • equipment
  • local stipends (?)
  • incidentals
  • food/parties for participants
  • international flights/accomodation
  • international stipends

Budget (private for the moment)

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