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What features and products do Kibera map users need?


Features to collect

  • roads and paths
  • railway line
  • rivers
  • wells
  • pit latrines/toilets
  • medical facilities (ngo or private or govt)
  • schools (govt or private)
  • churches / mosques
  • markets / businesses
  • training workshops
  • community based organizations
  • childrens centers
  • administrative units (chief's office)
  • NGO

People of Kibera

Challenge: How can this map have immediate, direct impact to people in Kibera?! If stopped on the streets of Kibera, how would you explain the worth of the mapping activity?"

  • printed maps
  • charting the resettlement of Kibera
  • Placement of utilities used communally e.g. medical centers
  • Digital Village project
  • Road Access to CfK clinic, and community planning of access
  • land tenure/rights

Local Community Organizations

-Nubian community -

NGOs and International Orgs

AIDS and Health Services

See Nicolas Chavent's MindMap

Types of Social Services

  • food nutrition
  • shelter
  • protection
  • health
  • psycho-social (youth clubs - counseling/trauma)
  • educational

Microfinance Services

Business Mentoring Services


How are folks using maps?

Ntulele Clinic

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