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Possible Dates

  • Sometime between Oct 21/29 w/ ActionAid and others (possibly folded with mapping party for our Team). Possibly in conjunction with Ushahidi.
  • First Week of November, close to coinciding with Camp Roberts, to generate ideas.
  • Third week of November, with UNHCR? -- cancelled
  • 2nd or 3rd week of December with NGO and CBO

Org Workshop / Symposium

One or two day workshop(s) with CBOs, NGOs, international orgs, govt, to

  • raise awareness of Map Kibera
  • generally promote open data practices
  • gather requirements and brainstorm possibilities of open data and open source.
  • select a few easy showcase pilots for quick implementation by the local tech community, and possibly Camp Roberts participants

Gather needs, brainstorm and help spur pilot projects. A select few easy wins may be quickly implemented the local tech community.

Orgs to invite

  • Green Belt Movement
  • USAID/DAI/Global Development mapping contacts.
  • International Land Coalition, WFP, UNHCR
  • Pamoja Trust
  • World Concern
  • KTDP Kibera Transformation and Development
  • Amani Community Africa.
  • ActionAid
  • Mazingira Institute
  • UNEP (mick wilson)
  • UNICEF (bo pedersen)
  • SIMAC group
  • R.E.T.O., which is the women's organization for Maasai. Rachel Ntoyai- Chair, RETO: rntoyai kephis org

Henry Miheso Kenny & Faraj David from Pamoja Yves from Fahamu Wilfred Uzima(?) Practial Action(?) Green Belt Movement

  • FAN

UN thru Jon Thomson SIMAC Patrick Analo, Urban Planner, City of Nairobi Ian Kirumba

ActionAid October 28


  • Jude Mwenda

UN Centre December 2

A big part of our strategy is outreach to data communities in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. We want to introduce our work in Kibera, specifically OpenStreetMap, and more generally concepts and techniques on geo data sharing.

We'd like to organize a Mapping Party at the UN Center next month. This would be a full day .. with some mapping on the Gigiri centre grounds, discussion on available data source, and brainstorming on quick-win projects that demonstrates the effectiveness of open data. There's possibilities of connecting some of the ideas into quick demonstration projects, in connection with techies from the Nairobi OpenStreetMap community, and the global community.

Bo Pedersen has offered to help organize an event for December 2. We'd like to have 15-20 people, folks working in GIS or monitoring, or just interested in OSM.


  • Bo Pedersen <bpedersen unicef org>, +4

Other Developer Events

Hacking Ideas

Map Hacking Ideas

Info-Activism Movie Screening


  • December 4th screening at UN Centre
  • Mutatu screenings at Urban Mirror event


print up big versions (multipage atlas) of the final map, meet with savings scheme or other community groups

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