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Outreach Hacking

Building ideas based on Map Kibera data into real projects is going to be really core. SODNet, who are offering to host trainings and editings and office space, for free, are interested in Map Kibera exactly because it will be useful to work they support in NGO and govt monitoring and accountability. Pamoja Trust, who have just come on as a local partner, are doing complementary mapping work along the Kibera railway line, very detailed work to support a community based resettlement plan, and they are interested in incorporating techniques like Walking Papers. Carolina for Kibera is starting a trash collection project, and wants maps to help in planning. All the community media we collect along with the project can possibly go on the map. Ushahidi may be able to provide a platform for that. And on and on, with everyone we talk to :)

  • offer to train Nairobits students, in exchange for working on simple projects.
  • walking papers in pamoja trust mapping
  • geocommons instance
  • map warper
  • Brett Davidson campaign to end stockouts of essential medicines. As part of that, we held an exercise using SMS to map stockouts in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Malawi. The site is at
  • DEM of kibera from gps altitude
  • rural mapping
  • agent based modelling, Gabriel Velin
  • mapping stories from Kibera book
  • balloon and kite photography
  • WHO clinic mapping
  • phone point mapping, @movirtu
  • unhcr wms + walking papers
  • vacid, placement of food distribution points. connecting farmers coops with kibera distributors.
  • provide paper maps, and online GPS map, to Kibera tour
  • freedom fone
  • opendatakit
  • show changes in Kibera over time based on 'Kibra is our Blood'. mail author, George from HABITAT might have sources.
  • universal addressing scheme for Kibera. integrating various systems into one.
  • streetview Kibera
  • all in one internet kiosk (power, satellite net, etc)

Pamoja Walking Papers

Pamoja maps slums, in much higher detail than we're attempting with Map Kibera. Talking about precise structure footprints, power pole locations, everything, in extremely dense living conditions. In Kibera, they are only mapping along the railway line, as they're working on a community based resettlement plan, in coordination with Kenya Railways which wants to build a high speed line to Kampala. They are using very traditional, analog surveying techniques on the ground, and produce remarkable maps by hand. This works fine for the purpose. The problem comes in digitization. Back at the office, the use Arc*, and simply place the hand drawn maps to the side of their screen, and attempt to replicate what was drawn by hand, by eye.

So, you see the obvious application of Walking Papers here. They did. The technicals are kinda opaque for our usual crowd .. I don't think Arc* support tiles import or export. WMS is possible, GeoTIFF? I'm sure there's a possible quick hack to get this flow going once. Pamoja in the long term would need something reliable. I think it's possible, with some help from esri.

possibility of this flow as a challenge to Camp Roberts ando/or RHOK

OpenStreetMap Translation

Into Swahili, Kikuyu, etc..

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