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Organizational Needs

- Draft concept and vision paper plus strategic guidelines for the team

- Plan for incorporation into another NGO umbrella such as KCODA or Map Kibera, or other formal structure

- Procedure document for subtitling process, organizing videos, editing process for news clips.


- Facebook page

- Twitter announcement automated

- Blog page separate from Youtube channel to organize and present videos

Skills Training

- Camera Technique

- Journalism basics - involve other trainers?

- Story building and scripting

- Software

Technical Needs

- Decide on software to use for subtitling, advanced editing.

- Schedule for adding subtitles, who will do it, how time is managed on computer 2.

- Add a third computer

- Consider potential for using linux editing?

- Strong virus protection on all devices

- Preparing for the internet arrival

Technical Committee

KNN Technical Committee Meeting 20101104

Planning Meetings

KNN Organizational Strategy 201101

June 9: Brian and Gitonga

1) Brian will lead technical training next Friday the 18th. Gitonga will lead or help lead meeting Tuesday 22nd and discuss group issues. Then possibly also that Friday.

2) Hold once per month introduction to KNN for anyone new. Current students can invite new people but otherwise, they shouldn’t bring.

3) Technical support: Need someone there dedicated to managing files as well as computers themselves – and training them on such things so as to self manage.

4) Begin to train Steve and Jahdi in specific roles: Steve can maybe be the technical lead. He should learn file management, virus management, etc. Pair him with someone from Nairobits or tech intern for learning. File management system to be developed by them. Jahdi can then work with them on storytelling and narrative development, each team individually. Scripting etc.

5) Curriculum/Skillbuilding:

  • Develop intro curriculum for once per month training. Give to Steve for Friday.
  • By the time we leave, develop a handbook for the basics so knowledge is not left. Create a shared doc now with Brian and Gitonga for this.
  • Create rotating monthly (or six week?) curriculum: topics like Camera; Editing; Storytelling; Journalism and Newsgathering; Interviewing. Once you have taken these, you can specialize and are ready to join more advanced periodic workshops or get special mentoring.
  • Those who have graduated this curriculum can train the new ones, after passing a certain level. So they are training each other too.
  • Create levels – to move to next level they first must master the previous. For instance: demonstrated mastery of Flipshare leads to Moviemaker then to Premiere. List levels and skills; test them on each. Then reward a few for hard work and achievement for instance those may use new laptops only. Perhaps they must also demo that they can manage team files properly.

6) Gitonga will send me info from his website on basic videography and also contact friends in news business to help train.

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