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Levis / Hands on Kenya

  • help finding computer lab
  • volunteers from nairobi
  • cxns to Radio programming
  • orgs for workshops
  • local fiscal agent
  • coordinating mappers documentation

Kipchumbah / INFONET

capacity building for organizations in Kenya. possible help with organization of outreach workshop

data miners! collected already geodata like
have ideas for apps, like sms integrated maps
possible leads on venues/volunteers

their boardroom possible training venue. fast internet

Kenny Juma / Carolina For Kibera

Possible venue, office space, participants

Pamoja Trust

Community Ambassador team, through Umande Trust

JumpStart International

Anne, Jeff, Patrick, Megan

Erica Hagen

Meida and Organizational Outreach

Robert Soden / DevelopmentSeed

Robert will be there. Possible help in training participants and orgs.

Yves Niyiragira / Fahuma

  • party venue
  • volunteers from Kibera
  • equipment sourcing

tonee ndungu / Wazimba

Flyer design. Possible technical and kiberan participant connector, press contact

Contacted for Possible Partnership


(?) Jessica Pfund, Ajith Kumar, Evans Arabu Possible training by their engineers. Import of data.

Luc St Pierre / UNHCR

UNHCR holding training on their open source GIS software in Nairobi in November. Scope for participating in workshop .. presentation and/or mapping party.

Advisors and Connectors


Juliana, Ory, Erik, David

Patrick Meier

Nicolas Chavent / HOT

David Sasaki / Global Voices

Sarah George / documentary filmmaker

Bo Robert Pedersen / UNICEF

UNICEF Kenya is conducting household surveys in Kibera next year.

Lisa Peterson, SIMAC

Jessica Colaco Mobile Boot Camp Nov 19-21 at Strathmore. Cxns to tech community?

Nathan Heard / HIU

Mukuru mapping project, PPGIS, via Emory. "PICHANA" "KMRI". possible data sharing, backup mapping area. possible technical project to link facility and geodatabases.

Trying to connect for imagery from NGA.

Also connect to / KANCO /aidsportal

Jon Thompson / WFP

Jackie Kropp / Columbia-SIPA

to University of Nairobi, Berkeley, Pojoma

John Crowley


Henry Miheso

University of Nairobi, Mathare project at DURP

Lars Bromley, AAAS

recent, archival, and possibly new imagery of Kibera. We could spell out something on the ground!

connections to Amnesty International.

Andrew Turner / GeoCommons

Andrew will be there. GeoCommons instance. Possible help in training participants and orgs.

Mark de Blois

To contact / contacts

  • linnet mckenzie, universtiy of nairboi gis student,
  • skunkworks,
  • Pamoja Trust
  • mapkiberaproject
  • Sidarec/AMD/Toby Morning
  • Uzima Foundation
  • Radio Kibera, PAMOJA FM (-> Megan)
  • Practical Action / ITDG
  • jhpiego
  • wilfred.mworia;
  • Humanitarian OSM Team (Jorge Batista)
  • John Wesonga
  • OSI
  • World Bank
  • InSTEDD, World Savvy on Kibera and Bayview youth
  • frontlinesms
  • TED
  • RDI
  • Kenyan government census (at U Nairobi?)
  • geek corps
  • giscorps
  • OSM Africa (and associated imports)
  • Jamie Lundine, KANCO
  • FAN - Forest Action Network

  • cartong, immap and MapAction
  • gist
  • Academics: French network ((IRD)


  • Lisa Peterson <peterson1 un org>
  • Sicily Matu <smatu unicef org>
  • UN: FAO (GIEWS), UNECA (Paul Belanger), UNOSAT-UNOOSA, WFP and UN Log Cluster.
  • Craig Von Hagen, Mick Wilson, John Gitau and Carrie Howard
  • WFP/ other UN agencies (-> Jon Thompson, to start)
  • UN Habitat
    • Mark de Bois
    • Youth empowerment program
    • George Onyiro, Technical Advisor & Habitat Programme Manager - Kenya, Water Sanitation and Infrastructure Branch
  • Geoffrey Kimathi (Geoffrey.Kimathi

Ministry of Lands

from Musyimi Mbathi

  • Herbert Musoga 5th Floor wing A (Ministry of Lands)
  • Ken Oguya 5th Floor (Ministry of Lands)
  • Teresia Munyua 5th Floor wing A (Ministry of Lands)
  • Draughtsmen (Mr Chege and Mr Wagate)


You'll also find us at the football pitch next to the chief's camp (behind Prestige) on Fri pm for our informal schools tournament finals. Kibera Mpira Mtaani are based in the biogas tower in Katwekera. Vincent's the chairman and they work with coaches from all villages. A thought - Vincent worked with chairman of informal schools to organise tournament. Might be a good contact if you want to map schools??


Meetings Scheduled

  • Jason Coburn, UC Berkeley (Mathare project)
  • UN-Habitat
    • Mark de Blois
  • Tatiana Thieme, Mathare sanitation and health mapping
  • Terra Winkel, UNICEF
  • Gina Gugliotta ggugliotta
  • Michel, UNHCR
  • Green, Eric" egreen@popcouncil org


  • Nathan Eagle
  • Alex, CIESIN

Possible Funders

winter 2010 proposal, and longer term proposals.

  • Web Foundation
  • OSI Info/OSI Africa
  • Omidyar
  • Hivos
  • Acumen

Call for Proposals

Core Organizers

  • Jubal Harpster
  • Mikel Maron
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